3000W high configuration laser cutting machine sheet metal cutter

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine metal sheet cutting toolWhen you are watching this description, maybe you also wonder about which kind of laser cutting machine can solve your problems nicely due to there are various this kind of machines in the market. After searching online, you found fiber laser cutting

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3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine metal sheet cutting tool

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool

When you are watching this description, maybe you also wonder about which kind of laser cutting machine can solve your problems nicely due to there are various this kind of machines in the market. After searching online, you found fiber laser cutting machine in charge of the biggest market and growth rapidly in those year. But why like that? What is the difference between fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, and CO2 laser cutting machine?Can fiber laser cutting machine meet your demands furthest? Please check below, you may have your answer:

Here is a comparison between laser cutting machine and other cutting machines:
 Processing  Technics Laser Cutting Machine   Plasma Cutting  Water-jet Cutting
Metal cutting thickness Thin (≤25mm)Thick (≤80mm)Thickest(≤100m)
Processing precisionHighest (≤ ±0.03mm)Low (≥ ±0.5mm)High(≤ ±0.1mm)
Cutting speedFastest(≤60m/min)Medium(≤10m/min)Slow
Cutting qualitySmoothRoughSmooth
Workable materialsCS/SS/Alu/Brass/Gal
(Sensitive to high reflective metals)
(Sensitive to high reflective metals)
All the metal materials
Processing efficiencyHighestMediumLow
Noise LowHighHigh
Power consumptionLowHighHigh
Maintenance costLowHighHigh

You can see laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting thickness below 25mm metal materials compare with other cutting machines. And compare with Co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine can do better.

Advantages of EETO-FLX3015-3000W:

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool

 First of all, still need to show you some short technical parameters of this model so you can decide this model is meet your cutting requirement or you can change to scan our other models: http://eetolaser.en.made-in-china.com/

Technical parameters of EETO-FLX3015Pro-3000W:
CUTTING AREA (L*W)3000*1500mmDRIVEN MODEServo control(X axis 1.8KW, Y axis 3KW)

After scan the above information I think you have already got an impression for this model. And if you have scan some other supplier's cutting information you will find our model is fast a lot! So now I guess you have interest to know more about our EETO-FLX3015Pro-3000W. Don't worry, let me show you some more amazing things we did before and can provide for you in the future!

What attractive advantages you can find in our EETO-FLX3015Pro-3000W fiber laser cutting machine?
* Best cost performance configuration in China
A professional buyer always care about several points for configuration, include the technology used for machine body, main parts of the machine and other value-added details. For machine body, we use tube sheet welding structure, which is the best stable structure so far, total weight up to 6 tons, and every machine should apply annealing and abrasive blasting, which can  strengthen the welding spots' stability and get a neat and beautiful machine.Then let's take a look for the main parts of this model:

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool

What's more, this model even has many value-added details, include voltage stabilizer, air conditioner for laser, many innovative designs to improve the machine's appearance,  sheet feeding device, additional accessories package and so on. More value-added details welcome come to our factory and you will find by your own eyes!

* Strict quality inspection and testing before shipping
Here I really want to complain our quality inspection department, because their strictness can even make you crazy! From the inflow of materials to the output of finished equipment, our quality inspection department's work interspersed the whole processing. In addition to deal with the statements in the office, each quality inspection staff in EETO  always stay in the production line in other times!
Their work is abundant, include feeding inspection, processing control, testing before shipping, collecting suggestions. This indicates that our quality department begin functioning at the moment the material flowed into the production line!
1.  For feeding inspection, we usually used both full inspection and sample testing.
2.  During processing control, the quality department will make a plan for the production technics, to test the production department's installation practices and installation procedures meet the international standard or not, and ensure the final products can meet user's requirements. During this period, there will be questioned directly to the individual if any problem happened.
3.  Testing before shipping includes the machine's appearance, sports performance and cutting accuracy. To test the machine's appearance is also a slow work out of the processing, it's include inspecting sizes, machine cover, zero, limit, oil, air, water, table flatness, distance from laser head to table and so on. And sports performance is a series of running testing by more than 3 days. Cutting accuracy will be measured by 3D projector after cut round, square and oval patterns.
4.  In order to improve our quality, our inspection department will collect the feedback from our customers regularly and provides countermeasures, then apply the optimized design to our machine in time.

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool

* Fast and safety packing and delivery

After finished the quality inspection and testing then we need pay attention to the delivery of the machine. Some customers maybe wonder that is there any big difference for delivery? Because delivery generally include packing and shipping, now many factories can meet international standard. But my friend, what I want to tell you is that the international standard can't stop us doing better! And in fact we did better, at least these points we did as follow many factories never did: 

1.  We can pack the machine ready before customer pay the balance payment, so our delivery speed always faster than many other factories.

2.  If you have imported laser cutting machine before, you will know the machine body is easy to rust. In order to avoid that, we always stick a seal on the machine body to separate it from air, and will make a vacuum packing before wooden packing to strengthen this.

3.  We usually add an insurance for free to customer.

4.  Every parts of our fiber laser cutting machine will have an individual packing, and we will give serial number to every packing so customer can find every box very easy. 

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool

* Various and convenient after-sales service
For many factories, after-sales service always only include warranty of the machine or even some of them don't have any warranty, what we can do is outdistance this. Just list several things you will know why I said we did better:

1.  Additional warranty and low prices for consumable parts: For generally warranty, we can not only have warranty of our machine, but also have warranty for the consumable parts of our machine. And even though out of the warranty time, we will still offer  the consumable parts for you with cost prices. (If you have doubts welcome send email to me and I can send you our consumable parts' prices list so you can compare with other factories.)

2.  Complete industry solution for every customer: As you see we are the integration of industry and trade enterprises, so compare with the general factories, what we can provide for you is not only an excellent fiber laser cutting machine, but also a series great industry solutions to expend your business. And whatever other business you want to know related to laser machine, we can give you enough good advice.

3.  Perfect assistance to our new agent: Some customers will be have interest to be our agent in the future, because we have the similar case before, what we can do for you is to send our professional engineers to your site to help you build your own team! What's more, we will be glad to help these new agents in exhibitions and sales, for example, send machine to the exhibition for free, undertake the fees of the exhibition together with our agents and so on.

Now do you want to get one? If you want our fiber laser cutting machine, you just need let us know following information:
1.What kind of materials you want to cut ?
2.What is the frequently cutting thickness and what is the maximum cutting thickness?
3. What is the MAX. dimension of your materials ?
4. After cut, what will be the work-pieces used for? (Application)
5. Are you an end user or broker?
According to the above information, we can recommend the most suitable laser cutting machine to you! Welcome your inquiry and let me show you more amazing advantages of our fiber laser cutting machine!

3000W High-Collocation Laser Cutting Machine Metal Sheet Cutting Tool


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