I just gotta know about their guns!

2022-09-24 04:11:17 By : Ms. Echo Huang

I just got to know — this is near impossible for us — isn’t it? You MOS 13s out there — what say you — ever seen anything like this???????

Really — I just figured those guns lose range and accuracy cause they are wearing them out with constant fire — but that barrel there just blew to pieces on that 122. Just how fucked up are their guns to do something like this? This does not happen in real life, right?? They can’t be this fucking bad — right?  I am thinking I underestimated just how fucked up their guns are here.

Wonder how any gun crew could see this and not shit their pants. Like a giant pipe bomb going off. Really — maybe they have a lot more to worry about then just incoming fire. And this is just what we see on a captured gun.

I mean shit — this is not supposed to happen — right? Like ever seen this kind of blow? An artillery based army with guns like this?????????? Gotta be fucking kidding me. Am I missing something here?

#Ukraine: A Russian 2S1 "Gvozdika" 122mm SPG suffered a minor barrel malfunction after intense use recently. pic.twitter.com/Y4enxectHT