Kinefac Recognized for Next Generation PowerBox-Plus Cylindrical Die Thread Rolling System and CNC Radial Forming Machine for Special Forms and Self-Locking Fasteners

2022-04-26 07:55:01 By : Mr. Jason Xu

The POWERBOX-PLUS™ Cylindrical Die Thread Rolling System and the CNC RP-10 KINECRIMP™ High-Precision Radial Forming Machine were both recently recognized in FTI's Top Products of 2020.

It’s another win for Kinefac and its fastener customers. Kinefac® Corporation (Kinefac) products have won recognition for outstanding product performance from Fastener Technology International magazine. This year two Kinefac products were cited as Top Products of 2020: the POWERBOX-PLUS™ Cylindrical Die Thread Rolling System and the CNC RP-10 KINECRIMP™ High-Precision Radial Forming Machine for special forms and self-locking fasteners. Fastener Technology International recognized Kinefac machines among the best this year for aerospace, automotive and medical applications demanding speed, accuracy, and precision.

Kinefac is a world leader in metal forming and processing technology, specializing in equipment for making fasteners and shaft-like parts by radial forming, center drive turning, cylindrical die rolling, and extrusion. With more than 50 years of experience Kinefac continues to manufacture its quality products in the United States. The global company showcases its equipment worldwide in trade shows such as the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), Fastener Fair USA, and the International Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (IMTEX in India). Kinefac is frequently featured in Fastener Technology International, the leading trade publication for the fastener manufacturing industry.

The PowerBox-Plus belongs to a new generation of Kinefac machines that are raising the bar for precision thread rolling. This CNC servo-electric rolling system features a high stiffness rolling structure and precise spindle slide system to maximize rolling stability and ensure quality threads. Set-up is fast, user-friendly, and safe. The CNC High-Precision Radial Forming Machine for special forms and self-locking fasteners delivers 10 tons of force with precise 10-micron die position accuracy achieved through sleek servo-electric roller screw and low-friction fixed wedge actuation. The KINESPIN Centrifugal Washer/Dryer was also featured in the same issue of Fastener Technology International.

About Kinefac Corporation Kinefac Corporation is a world leader in precision metal forming and processing technology. Kinefac designs and manufactures world-class cylindrical die rolling, extrusion, turning, radial forming, tapping, and microcoiling machines. Founded in 1962, the US-based company has continuously innovated to serve customer needs in the automotive, aerospace, power generation, medical device, and other industries. The company’s engineers and design teams work closely with customers to provide innovative solutions for their specific applications. For more information about how we can work with you, please visit or email us at

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