Hydrocarbon refrigerant charging kit - Cooling Post

2022-04-26 08:07:39 By : Mr. Johnny Sun

USA: Ritchie Engineering has announced the availability of its Yellow Jacket products hydrocarbon charging kit.  

The kit provides all the necessary tools to charge R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane) systems safely and effectively. The single valve manifold and small ID hoses allow for effective system pressure measurement while minimising the impact on the system charge. 

Acknowledging the many different refrigerant bottle styles in the market, the 61008 hydrocarbon bottle valve works with most self-sealing 7/16in threaded bottle connections. When working with 1in threaded bottle connections, the 61009 hydrocarbon bottle adapter can be used. The 19201 90° quick coupler even provides the ability to attach puncture-style and other right-angle bottle valves for accurate liquid charging.

The kit comprises: Compact charging scale with 0.05g (0.01oz) resolution  Bottle stand providing stability for liquid charging with inverted refrigerant bottles Single valve manifold with 0.08in (2mm) ID x 24in Reflex hoses Bottle valve for 7/16in threaded bottles Bottle adapter for 1in threaded bottles 90° quick-coupler fitting for compatibility with piercing and other right-angle bottle valves Line tap valve for system connection to 1/4in, 5/16in or 3/8in process lines Vice grip pinch-off tool for crimping process tube after service is completed Safety placard provides visual warning of flammability risk during service Rugged case to protect the equipment when not in use.